Nias Island
Nias island located in the India Ocean, precisely in one of the smallest islands in Indonesia, Sumatra province utara.Nias very famous tourist spot where the island has a particular characteristic of other areas where this nias island but has a wealth of culture, and the relics of the era old that still exist today, also has a natural beauty that is so beautiful in the eyes of the world especially in terms of water sports or often called by the surf.
After the occurrence of natural disasters that befall nias on 24-26 dec 2004 and 28 March 2005, many rumors saying that the best waves ever owned nias now it is damaged or not as beautiful as before the earthquake struck nias, and can be said to have died .
But the rumor was finally answered after the number one player in the world surfing KELLY SLAITER, JAMIE O’BRIEN KING OF PIPELINE  pro surf of Hawaii, and several other pro surfer was already great in the world to visit nias nias that is to say that now will have a life better before it where after the earthquake and tsunami waves that hit the rumored nias finally broken it was not like that now circulate the news, butTHE WAVES ARE NOW EVEN BETTER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL WITH A PERFECT BARREL that is quite inviting admiration of this pro surfer …. some images that have been perpetuated by some fotogarafer after the earthquake:



In nias we have a strategic accommodation for guests who want to come to the nias Kristov named SURF CAMP,
With facilities in have are:
A. We have 6 rooms and each room has a bathroom
2. Western and Indonesian food with chef experience
3. Offer attractive prices for booking
4. Provide the best service with the motto “the guest is king”
5. Provide shuttle transportation from the airport to the mountain-lagundry Sitoli bay, beach Sorake

Position Kristov surf camp:
1. Located on the waterfront
2. Being in front of the Keyhole
3. The best surf point right hander and right in front of the scenery indecators inn.
4. Far from the crowd, so that no noise could relax and enjoy his vacation.
5. 12 km from the city center for shopping or internet play
Mobile phone: +6281265282009


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